Much time, energy,and money is spent on the production and transpotation of petroleum products. Cathodic Protection is one of the ways to insure the safe production and delivery of petroleum products. Whether your cathodic protection need is at the wellhead or the tank battery or the pipeline, AAW Services can help. Our NACE and NCCER certified technicians along with our drilling and field personal can help with your cathodic protection needs. Our services include:

  • Design and Implementation of Cathodic Protection System

  • Installation of Cathodic Ground Beds (Deep Well and Conventional)
  • Installation and Repair of Rectifier Systems (Solar and A/C Powered)
  • Close Interval Survey (CIS)
  • Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (GW)
  • Pipeline Coating Inspection, Repair, and Sandblasting
  • Test Station Repair and Installation
  • Smart Pig Anomaly Assessment
  • Help with routine Bi-Monthly and Annual Surveys

AAW Services is a complete in house service company. We provide the know-how, equipment, and material to get the job done. We would be glad to offer suggestions or follow your company's specification in getting your next project up and running.



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